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Immortals of Aveum will offer both DLSS 3 and FSR 2.2

Immortals of Aveum is a magic-based first person shooter set “in an original fantasy universe engulfed in magic, rife with conflict, and on the verge of oblivion”. Developed by Ascendant Studios, the game is set to release next week. Ahead of this, the team have detailed many of the game’s tech specs, including the fact that the Unreal Engine 5-powered title will feature both FSR 2.2 and DLSS 3.

In an article published to the game’s Steam store listing, the team at Ascendant Studios said “As we inch closer to August 22nd, we wanted to take a moment to talk a bit more about the technology that’s powering our game, and what that means for PC players in particular.”

With that, the team discussed some of the new technologies being implemented into Immortals of Aveum, including its use of Unreal Engine 5.1, Nanite, Lumen and Niagara – with a visual breakdown of these viewable HERE.

More excitingly, the team confirmed that Immortals of Aveum will offer a myriad of upscaling technologies, including the latest and greatest FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2 and Nvidia’s bespoke DLSS 3 – boosting both performance and visuals simultaneously.

While a PC-centric blog post, the team did confirm that consoles will utilise AMD’s FSR 2 to run at a smooth 60fps on all consoles “at your TV’s maximum resolution”. The full blog post can be found HERE.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for Immortals of Aveum? Do you prefer DLSS or FSR? Which UE5 feature are you most looking forward to experiencing? Let us know down below.

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