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The Last of Us Showrunner discusses Season 2

The Last of Us quickly became one of HBO’s best-performing and most well-received shows of all time upon its release earlier this year – with the first Season receiving 24 Emmy nominations. Despite being a long ways away, the adaptation’s showrunner has offered a bunch of information on the series’ second Season.

In an interview conducted by The Hollywood Reporter, HBO’s The Last of Us co-creator and showrunner ‘Craig Mazin’ spoke on a number of topics including the ongoing Hollywood strikes, casting for the show’s second Season and more.

While the first game in the series managed to be fit into a single Season, previous claims were made stating that adapting Part II of the game would require two Seasons worth of content. When asked about this, Mazin replied “What I can certainly confirm is that that story does not fit into one season.”

Of course, currently there only exists two games in this franchise (though reports have claimed that a 3rd entry is in development). When asked about the total number of seasons HBO’s adaptation is expected to run for, Mazin stated:

“You never know. It can end up being three or five. But four seems like a good number. Some seasons, because of the story we're telling, will need fewer episodes and some will need more. The best news is the audience wants more. We will not indulge a desire for more simply to make them happier when they hear how many episodes are announced.”

Finally, Mazin spoke briefly on casting for the show’s second season – in particular when it comes to one specific character. For the sake of not spoiling Part II, the showrunner’s comments on the matter can be found HERE, but regardless it is exciting to see that long term plans are being put in place for the future of HBO’s The Last of Us. It will be interesting to see how long Season 2 takes to come to fruition.

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