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AMD HP OMEN 16 (2023) Showcase

At CES earlier this year we learned about a number of new AMD laptop chips in the 7040HS and 7045HX series. Today we have the opportunity to showcase an HP Omen 16 laptop that uses an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor with eight cores/16 threads that are built on the latest Zen 4 architecture.  This enables the HP Omen 16 to storm along in office work or games while consuming very little power, and that helps to maximise battery life.

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PS5 console launch exclusive Bugsnax comes to iOS

Ahead of the console’s launch back in 2020, many PlayStation 5 fans were surprised and endeared to see the announcement of Bugsnax – a colourful adventure game set on Snaktooth Island, home to half-bug half-snack creatures. Following its eventual release on all other console platforms, Bugsnax has now found its …

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Apple launches first 15-inch MacBook Air

Over the years, the MacBook Air has traditionally been the smallest and thinnest laptop in Apple's line-up. Now for the first time, Apple is introducing a 15-inch MacBook Air, matching the display size previously reserved for the MacBook Pro.  The new MacBook Air 15 naturally has a larger display than …

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Game devs tease appearance at Apple’s WWDC AR/VR event

Following years of rumours, Apple looks set to finally officially announce their AR/VR headset during the smartphone manufacturer’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Though said to be focused primarily on productivity, a number of game studios have teased that their titles might be announced for the headset at the upcoming event. …

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